Transland Ltd has its representatives and agents in all the bigger towns in the country, at the ports along the Danube river and the Black sea, as well as at the frontier posts of strategic transport importance. At our clients’ disposal are our offices in Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas and Lom.

The Port of Varna plays a key role for ensuring of fast and regular access to Russia, Ukraine and the other CIS countries, the Middle and Far East, as well as to Central and Western Europe through the river of Danube. The ferryboat complex is well-known outside the Black Sea region as well. It provides a railway link Varna-Ilichevsk and back, as well as transportation by ferryboat wagons to and from Turkey.

The development of the complex is also associated with the new railway ferryboat line Varna-Ilichevsk-Poti/Batumi, which was opened in 1999 as a component of the transcontinental corridor between Europe and Asia through the Caucuses. 

Thanks to the rich experience and the erudition of our employees, we are able to offer a competent solution to the transport projects of our customers in conformity with their specific business interests.

On an international scale, Transland Ltd. cooperates with leading companies from almost all countries.

We will be glad to answer each enquiry that you address to our branch offices and the head office of the company.

If you have questions, please, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be glad to answer.